Wrecker DGT 2000W.

mall Towingtruck Wrecker.

A4 Achterkant DGT2000W Wrecker ENGELS A4 Voorkant DGT2000W Wrecker ENGELS

Developed specifically for towing vehicles from parking garages.

3 City car build with low height for working in garage with under lift (Type DGT 2000W) is provided with:
12 Volt Powerpack with hydraulic pump
Steel subframe (ST 355) mounted on chassis.
Hydraulic 2 ton underlift with double acting cylinders.
Steal parts are sinkflame treated.
Aluminium body powdercoating and painting inside and oudsite.
Provided with doors equipped with stainless steel fasteners. (model in consultation)
Wrecker full radio control valves.
Width max 2000 mm
Height max 1780 mm
Under lift load capacity min 1200 KG max height/dimension 10 cm
Chassis 4×4: Toyota, Amarok WV, Ford ranger, Nissan Mercedes G
Conform CE.


LED bar on top of flyover (reversible)
* Demensions, 1760 x 92 x 210

Front flash LED
* Demensions 151 x 53 x 30 20 LEDS
* Includit conecting to central display.

Hydraulik galavnised rear legs behind axel.

Hydraulik brille.
* Galvanised.

Galvanised Brille
(with L arms) on underlift (height max 100 mm)




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