Compagny profile.

Compagny profile.

De Groot Techniek bv, for all your recovery vehicles. 

The recovery vehicles of De Groot Techniek compagny comply with the highest quality requirements.
De Groot Techniek is RDW and COC certified, which means the company is an authorized and renowned constructor both nationally and internationally.

Because of this certification, with De Groot Techniek you can be certain you always receive an outstanding quality vehicle, fitted with state of the art equipment and the most recent innovations.
Our products are built according to CE standards.

Furthermore, we supply a wide range of accessories for the recovery industry such as winches, rotating warning lights, vehicle loading cranes, chains, clamping straps, etc.

What makes us different from the competition?

* Low body height design, which means a low inclination and ample loading height
* Totally custom-made construction by our own Dutch production team
* Standard lubricating system for less maintenance costs
* Entirely closed RVS control unit
* Mostly galvanised and powder coated components
* Superior quality through innovative details
* A company where service is not just a department, but an approach
* Financing of your recovery vehicle is offered at competitive rates
De Groot Techniek: for the production and delivery of both light, medium and heavy recovery vehicles.
Wreckers, slidebed, and underlift,
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