Wrecker DGT5000WD

Wrecker DGT5000WD

A4 Achterkant DGT 5000WD Wrecker ENGELS A4 Voorkant DGT 5000WD Wrecker ENGELS

This is a unique 5-ton wrecker with rotating under lift.
This towingtruck is particularly suited to the rescue of wrong and similar parkers
By turning the lift can imagine towing a vehicle in the most impossible positions.
Lifting capacity of 2500KG

DGT5000WD provide with:
* Topboom with 2 cylinders for up and down.
* Cable fairlead on topboom.
* 3,6T Superwich with pneumatic freespool en 20m cable.
* Rotay and extendable underboom with powertilt.
* Mounted on subframe paint in one color RAL 7016
* Hydraulik intalation with PTO pump hoses klamps and 5 functie valve block, mounted on the left side of truck.
* Radio remot control op al functions.
* Aluminium toolboxes with flyover. (model in consulation)
* Stainlesstel closures.
* Inside and outside paint in one color.


Starting aid 12v
* Mounted on the left side in the boxes.
* One contectng in the front of the truck.
* Supplied with 250amps fuses
* 6 m cable with clamps.

Lighting in box. 12V
* LED light.
* including conecting.

Radio remote control.
* Teleradio.
* 10 functions.

* LED flash beam on the cabin.
* Dimensions lenght 1800 hight 92 width 210mm.
* Color gray with orange LED lights.
* inluding conecting.

* Worklamp on headboard.
* LED square model.
* Stainlessteel parts.
* including conecting.
* Fitted on the left and right side of the headboard.




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