De Groot Techniek

Proven in service for over many years. De Groot Techniek range of Wrecker heavy recovery systems has expanded it’s features to cope with the demands imposed by modern coach and truck designs.

Today’s trucks with moulded components and body styling accessories are easily damaged during recovery. They often require increased underlift reach or the use of wheel frames. No matter what type of vehicle it is, the Interstater heavy recovery system provides the strength, the features and the precisely controlled hydraulic power to recover the modern heavy weights.

The integral bus with its chassisless construction can require extra reach and the use of special wheel grids. The wrecker is designed to cope with these demanding recoveries.
Using special quenched and tempered high tensile steels for minimum weight and maximum lift, the wrecker range will handle the massive dynamic loads that today’s recovery operation may impose on the recovery system.
The key to a top-line recovery vehicle is its chassis. At de groot Techniek, we are skilled in chassis adaptation that ensures your vehicle has the best payload, wheelbase and axle loading for your particular needs. By blending chassis and system into one integrated vehicle we’ll give you the very best in performance.

Available as a kit or fully installed, the wreckers can be built to your specification using a series of modular accessory packages and option equipment.

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Boogaard wrecker De Groot Techniek (6)

Wrecker DGT26000W

Wrecker DGT16000W de Groot Techniek (5)

Wrecker DGT16000W

ABC amsterdam 10 ton wrecker 019

Wrecker DGT10000W


Bergnet lepelauto de groot Techniek (21)

Wrecker DGT5000WD

Politie Haaglanden lepelaut De Groot Techniek (12)

Wrecker DGT4000W

ABC mercedes GD wrecker aflevering 003

Wrecker DGT2000W