Wrecker DGT16000W

Wrecker  DGT16000W

De Groot Techniek Wrecker DGT16000W with:
* Headarm with 2 tilting cilinders (40 ton).(without extendable boom)
* Two staps hydraulic extendable underlift. (lowrider)
* Hydraulic installation provide with pipes, hoses and 10 function security Bucher valve block mounted on the right side
* Installation includes power tilt, to reduce damaging to the bumpers to the minimum.
* Mounted on fixit frame flame sinck and painted one color.
* Lifting balk
* 1 set Brille.
* Oil tank 200 liter with filter.
* PTO pump.
* 1 x 13.6 ton hydraulic winch with 30 meter cable, pressing roller and pneumatic freespool. (Superwinch)
* This installation is fully calculated and composed of advanced steels Domex 900*
* Assemble on chassis supplied by you.
* CE security system.

Technical details:
Lifting capacity retracted: 7.5T
Lifting capacity extended: 4T
Maximum height underboom horizontal: 1400mm
Extend length underboom 1600mm